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Stéphane Gaouette - President, DECIMAL

"After more than 18 months of implementing EOS® tools with Hugo, we realize that we are much more focused on the right objectives and priorities, and that disciplines and accountability are gradually being established throughout the organization. The value is palpable. There is no turning back."

Patrick Cormier - COO, ID Lab

"Working with Hugo, I understood the value of working with an EOS®-certified facilitator. I had previously tried, in another company, to set up EOS® on my own...I don't recommend that to anyone! Because of Hugo's experience as an entrepreneur and integrator, he has great credibility as a facilitator with the entire management team. It is a real pleasure to work with him!"

Hugo Boutet

Professional EOS Implementer®

Hugo spent the last 22+ years as an entrepreneur. After exiting Oriso Solutions Inc., the technology company he ran as CEO for 17+ years, he launched Zenyth Coaching Inc, a business growth coaching practice for entrepreneurs & their teams. 

He's on a mission to help entrepreneurs and their teams to get what they want from their business.

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