Meet Hugo

On a mission to help entrepreneurial teams and organizations
crystallize and fully realize their vision.

Meet Hugo

On a mission to help entrepreneurial teams and organizations crystallize and fully realize their vision.


Hugo Boutet

Founder, Zenyth Coaching 

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Strategist

I understand the challenges entrepreneurs face because I have experienced them myself. Throughout my 22 years’ experience founding, running, and scaling businesses, I developed a limitless thirst for learning and a passion for coaching and facilitating. I have a unique ability to help entrepreneurial teams and organisations achieve their vision – because that is how I achieve mine.


My Story


I was raised in an entrepreneurial family: my father built a thriving construction business. By age 14, my father had taught me the values and driving forces behind the building of great companies from the ground-up. I was on-track to join the family construction business – until I discovered my passion for technology. Soon after, I founded my own technology company. I ran that tech company, Oriso Solutions Inc., for over 19 years, as CEO until 2017.

I had several achievements at Oriso, including designing and marketing ISO Expert©, and implementing +50 customized management systems in SMBs. Forerunner in cloud computing and SaaS services, I designed and launched iGOcloud© in 2006, a "virtual office in the cloud" service with which I concluded total contract value of +$15 million, 85% of which came from recurring revenues with less than 5% annual attrition.  

In 2018, I was appointed interim CEO of Xpertdoc Technologies Inc. by the board of directors composed of angel investors and venture capital firms to execute a turnaround. I reorganized, reduced monthly costs and realigned the management team in less than eight months. I implemented certain EOS® tools and disciplines to help crystallize vision, instill traction and foster team health

I am an active member of the entrepreneurial community in Canada. I am a former President of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Montreal & member of Quebec Technology Association (AQT). I have spent extensive time listening to the wins and the losses, the struggles and the opportunities that my fellow entrepreneurs faced. One theme began to emerge: companies that scale are the ones that have a clear vision in place. The companies that scale insanely fast are the ones that execute thoroughly according to that vision – every single day.

On a mission to help entrepreneurial teams and organizations crystallize and fully realize their vision.

Connect with Me

Why Me?

As a Business Coach, I bring a background, set of traits & skills that I leverage to bring immense value to my clients - every day.

Extensive Entrepreneurial Exposure

I learned about (true) entrepreneurship at 14 years of age. I spent 22+ years as an entrepreneur, with the successes, failures & stories to prove it.

Human & Analytic

I balance EQ & IQ in a unique way. I synergize from both emotional & analytical perspectives on everything from people to teams to business concepts & beyond.

Focused on Actionable

Business coaching is about making things simple for deep impact. The concepts, tools & strategies I employ are simple, actionable & easy to implement today.

Why You?

Over 86% of organizations who bring on a business coach see an immediate ROI. Whether it's money, time, efficiency or quality of life, here is why you may need a coach.

You Want Change - Now

You have not been getting what you want out of your business - and you are tired of spinning your wheels. You deserve to have more time, productivity & profit.

You Need (Simple) Tools

You know your business has potential to scale to an inspiring level - you just need simple tools & effective disciplines (and some accountability) to help you get there.

Your Team Needs Help

It is extremely likely you are underusing the biggest, strongest & exclusive asset you have at your company: your team. It's time to help your team help you.

Martin Dubois

Vice-President - Quatre Cent Quatre

"Even before we decided to retain his services, Hugo was generous with his time. Every meeting with him brings a lot of value and his advice is always helpful. In just two months we are already working with much more confidence & our goals seem much more attainable. We are about to deploy our vision and the EOS® tools to the entire team and are convinced of the positive impact they will bring. I warmly recommend Zenyth to any company that wants to take it to the next level."

Dominique Laverdure

President - Rouge Marketing

"Starting an EOS® approach with Hugo means adopting a rigorous and thoughtful management process for your company. This rigor has allowed us to address the real issues, to create real change to support us in our growth in a healthy way, while giving ourselves the means to better coach our teams and thus become true inspiring leaders, just like Hugo is for us!"

The Zenyth Blog

Find some of my best insights, stories & actionable tips for entrepreneurs, leaders & teams.

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