Workshops designed for high energy & higher impact.

Half-day, full-day & two-day workshops for entrepreneurs, leaders & teams. 
Remember: growing people eats managing people for breakfast - every day.

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Workshops & training for everyone in your business.



Micro-workshops & coaching sessions for entrepreneurs & business partners - to get you on the same page & to position you for growth.

Leadership Teams

Half-day & full-day workshops for leadership teams. Tangible, actionable training that will help your leaders develop new strengths & solve issues.

Teams & Companies

Large-scale workshops for big teams, departments & across whole companies. Topics range from problem-solving to accountability to leadership & beyond.

Workshops that (Really) Work

Designed to build teams into well-oiled machines.

Team Building

Half-day, full-day & two-day workshops modeled on Patrick Lencioni's best-selling, highly-powerful program based on the book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Built for leadership teams or entire teams, the Five Dysfunctions workshops help teams improve in five critical departments: trust, accountability, conflict, commitment & results.

Deliverable onsite or remotely, team building workshops are designed to be high in energy & higher in results. Overcome the dysfunctions in your team today.


Tried & tested across companies the world over, EOS®-driven workshops are simple, actionable & deliver results - period. Here are some of the EOS workshops we provide:

  • LMA: Leadership, Management & Accountability - a workshop we all need to grow & develop our teams.
  • Same Page: An interactive workshop for business partners to align & get on the same page - today.
  • Process-Documenting: The 3-step process workshop helps teams identify gaps, document processes & package them for success.
  • Problem-Solving: This workshop follows the IDS discipline to identify, discuss & solve issues in a concrete way.
  • Delegate & Elevate: This workshop helps leaders create a system behind delegating tasks, relying on teams & freeing up time to focus on the things they do that bring the most impact. 

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Created at MIT, Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a systematic, rigorous 24-step process to jump-starting new ventures with innovation at the core. 

Take your technology or concept & productize it - and structure it to be ready for launch as a company. The methodology is comprehensive & proven - but accessible & fun.

The DE workshop takes innovation-driven entrepreneurs through a framework (really) works.


Proven personality & behavioural assessments used by 1M+ people each year to improve teamwork, collaboration & productivity.

  • Certified DISC assessment training
  • Built to help teams understand each other's strengths & weaknesses
  • Insights that lead to behavior change & have a lasting impact on culture


Your employees are your greatest asset - but only if you can understand them, recognize their true potential & put them where they can operate at their best. 

Atman psychometric testing is backed by scientific study & is designed to ensure the right people are in the right organizations.

  • Measures 11 dimensions of personality
  • Particularly valuable for recruitment, onboarding, conflict resolution, training, succession planning & much more.


Taken by nearly 25M people & used by over 90% of Fortune 500 companies, the Clifton StrengthsFinder is key to bring strengths-based power to the workplace.

  • 1-hour long assessment featuring over 175 statements to measure your talents
  • Personalized results & reports designed to maximize your potential
  • Insights that help you take your biggest talents & turn them into strengths you use every day - for your team, for your career & for your life


The Kolbe assessment was designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders & teams understand their instinctive behaviors on a deep level. The Kolbe A Index has been featured in media outlets across the globe & is known to have transformed lives with its insights. 

  • 36-item questionnaire designed to help understand strengths
  • Focus on what's right, what you do incredibly well & how to build on it for optimal success

Difficult Conversation

The most difficult conversations are often the most crucial ones. With a proven methodology behind them, your leaders will learn how to address the elephants in the room.

  • Learn how to "enter the danger zone"
  • Build the communication skills necessary to handle difficult conversations
  • Prepare your leaders to deal with high emotions & defuse highly-charged situations
  • Create open dialogues & turn negatives into positives

Your next company workshop can be something you'll (really) remember.

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